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Louis Brogna is an Artist, Performer, and Human.

He just completed the National Tour of Anastasia, where he traveled and performed in the United States and Canada for 13 months. He even performed in the Boston Opera House where he saw Broadway tours growing up. Louis was able to give back the theatrical grandeur to the community that inspired, raised, and trained him.

Originally from Massachusetts, Louis currently resides in New York City. He graduated from the Boston Conservatory, where he studied voice with Dr. Thomas Gregg.

During the pandemic, Louis reconnected to his roots as a visual artists. He founded Brogna Arts, a fine arts brand, specializing in watercolors, portraits and greeting cards. His style is highly saturated, detailed, and expressive.

@BrognaArts on Instagram

Louis painted the Anastasia walltags for 8 months. He scattered his artistic legacy across America including theatres in Boston, Syracuse, Dallas, Denver, Dayton, Reno.


Louis is dedicated to spreading life, love, and joy through his skills as artist, performer, and human. 

2010 - present
2010 - present

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