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Louis Brogna is the sort of person who loves singing late at night to end his days on a good note.


Louis is a graduate of the Boston Conservatory. There he studied voice with Dr. Thomas Gregg, performed in faculty productions, student works, and refined his acting, voice, and dance skills.


He discovered his passion for theatre later than most when he performed in Bye Bye Birdie his freshman year at Masconomet Regional High School. Louis connected to the emotional power, joy, and freedom of theatre. He then began taking ballet, tap, and jazz at CPA Dance, and studying classical voice with Daniel Schmunk.


Louis continued to pursue his passion through the Tisch NSB Summer High School program at NYU. This introduced him to people his own age with the same passion for theatre, and provided a specific understanding of his future in musical theatre.


For Louis, musical theatre is an important art that brings people joy, community, and catharsis. Through this relationship, theatre is healing for both the performer and the audience. Louis is dedicated to spreading life, love, and joy through musical theatre.

2010 - present
2010 - present

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